Craft Unbound

I just got this excellent book out the library- Craft Unbound: make the common precious by Kevin Murray. I'm adding it to my wish list right away (or rather i'm emailing my friend in Australia to see if she can lay her hands on a copy of it for me). I don't know much about contemporary art and craft in Australia and this book is a real eye opener to me, pretty much every page I turned to had something that made me coo.

It's made me realise the strangeness of Australia, I don't mean to offend you strange Australians, but I hadn't really thought much about what it must mean to be Australian- living in a country that is incredibly old and yet incredibly young at the same time. I have spent a bit of time getting my head round New Zealand, thanks to having several 'New Zealish' friends who have given me some insight into life in Aotearoa, but I have yet to be educated in Australian. My knowledge of Australia pretty much stops with Bush Tucker Man (which I was addicted to when I was younger) and Rolf Harris. 
This excellent book looks at 'poor craft' people making contemporary work with whatever is available to them.  It includes work from Kantjupayi Benson woven from grasses (above is her biplane).

Sally Marsland who makes work using resin and powdered pigments

Anna Phillips who makes work using solidified shampoo and bath water!

Whilst I can't seem to get hold of a copy of the book in the UK (outside the Uni library) I can access the fascinating website and suggest you take a look too: Craft Unbound


  1. Ooh, that's been on my wish list for a while now but as you say, it's hard to find. Glad to hear that it's worth the effort.

  2. Yeah- well worth the effort. I'm in the process of 'negotiating' with my friend in Australia- so if you are interested in getting a copy as well let me know.

  3. Please if you have your copy post as much pictures as your computer allows!!


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