A productive meeting


Our first full on research group meeting (or whatever it is that it's called) produced this, amongst other ideas. We each wrote down 5 words that were important in describing our practice as curators and then played a game of dominos with them, seeing where there were links between us and if there were recurring themes. Thanks to Eugenia for suggesting we played this game- it's given us all a visual way of seeing where our interests lay and helped focus us on the things we think of as essential to our identities as curators.


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I wrote this for the Weston Wonderers blog- it's poorly thought out but I wanted to try and articulate something of what I've been thinking about the Wonders of Weston project and the fact that very few people in Weston seem to know about it.


Sightings of Wonders of Weston at Frieze art fair and in Cornwall...

As some of you know, after six years of living in Weston and working (unpaid) as a curator and on my own art practice it was with wonderful timing that I upped and left town a month before the Wonders of Weston project was due to be launched. Bringing contemporary art to Weston has been something I have tried to do on a much smaller scale at the Uni Gallery, and it has been frustrating to not be around whilst these new works are being installed.

Much has been mentioned, on this blog and amongst us as a group, about the lack of publicity and about how no-one in Weston knows about this project (when we walked around town looking for 'culture' none of the people we talked to had heard of it), but what I wanted to write about is how The Wonders of Weston is known about, and talked about, by people outside of Weston. The week before last I was in London for the Frieze Art Fair- a huge contemporary art fair that draws the 'art world' to London. Many galleries and project spaces time their programming to mean that while Frieze week is happening their new shows are opening- thus maximising potential for selling work and creating the largest audience possible. While I was in London I talked to several people about Wonders of Weston and it turned out that not only had they heard of it, they were planning on coming to the launch. Now admittedly most of the people I spoke to were from Bristol based arts organisations, some may have even been involved with Situations, but I thought it was really interesting how people within the art community in Bristol know more about WOW than a lot of the residents of WsM do.

Down here in Falmouth it's a similar thing- whilst none of my classmates on my MA Curatorial Practice course had heard of it, many of the tutors and arts professionals i've spoken to had. And at least one person in my MA group was considering joining me in making the 4 hour journey from Falmouth to be at the launch. I suppose my interest is not so much in HOW these people know about WOW and the residents don't, but more a question of  'does it matter'?

Is this project about 'bringing art to the people', about educating the poor, uncultured masses of Weston-super-Mare, or is it about bringing exciting contemporary art to a new location and offering practising artists a chance to engage with a pretty unique landscape? Rather than getting wound up about the public not knowing about it, isn't it enough that artists are getting the chance to make major pieces of work without having to scrabble for funding? I think that WOW is just as valid a project in this respect as it is in bringing art to the local community. Opportunities for artists are few and far between, and I think WOW should be celebrated for this, just as much as any regeneration that might come out of it, but then what do I know, i'm only an artist/curator..


Wonders of Weston Launch day

Open from 12pm
Friends Meeting House, on the corner of High Street & Oxford Street
Artist proposals, sketches, drawings and models will be on display here throughout the day. Pick up an extended guide here or look out for the VW Camper Vans at each site for information on each of the works.
Refreshments available.


Music by Vladimir Steamboat
Location: raumlaborberlin’s Silly Scope at Weston-super-Mare station
Time: from 3.30pm

Storytelling by Craig Edwards
Location: starts at Ruth Claxton’s sculptural installation at the Model Yacht Pond, Marine Parade
Time: from 3.30pm

A walking tour with Wrights & Sites
Location: starts at the Information Hall
Time: from 4.00 to 5.00pm

Tim Etchells reading
Location: Winter Gardens Pavilion, Royal Parade
Time: from 5.00pm

Worlewind Brass Band
Location: Tania Kovats, HOLM at Madeira Cove
Time: from 5.00 to 5.45pm &
from 6.00 to 6.45pm

Lara Favaretto, Without Earth
Under Foot at sunset
Location: Marine Lake Causeway
Time: from 5.30pm


Old Weather

Old Weather

A fascinating project to map old weather using ship logs from the first world war. I'm not sure what this has to do with art or curating, but I think it's a great use of technology and nerd power. I'm mapping HMS Falmouth's weather logs, seemed only fitting that I go for my new home town.


I am a curator and artist who has recently moved to Falmouth in Cornwall to study for an MA in Curatorial Practice. I have been curating exhibitions in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare for the last seven years, kicking off with 'Comic Book Queens' at Spike Island in 2003, and most recently programming the gallery space at the University Campus in Weston-super-Mare.

I co-founded and helped to run the here shop and gallery in Bristol, which has just celebrated it's 7th birthday, I currently help out at it's sister shop here and now in Falmouth. Huge thanks to Ben and Kate O'Leary for keeping it going, expanding the empire and allowing me to still be part of it.

In addition to curating I am an visual artist. I have shown my work locally and internationally, and while I take a year off from making whilst I study, it is important to me that I continue in my personal practice alongside curating.

My plans for the future include world domination, and my hope is to achieve this via setting up my own gallery/workshop/studio space that supports contemporary artists within the rural setting of the South West.

I love collaboration and sharing ideas. Let me know some of yours.