Radio Silence

4′33″ - mr_hopkinson's computer ( John Cage Cover Version )

Sorry about the radio silence, after the excitement (?!) of getting my log book handed in for the deadline, I have slumped into a bit of a decline in terms of using the internet. At the moment i'm back in Somerset, trapped in my house by snow and desperate to  have contact with some human beings. My cats are both lovely (and seem to have readjusted to being back together) but I am missing my fellow course mates and the seminars at Uni.
Next up is getting our proposals for the exhibition at Newlyn gallery in May all sorted out ready to present them when we start back in January- it's been hard in a way to come up with the minimum of three proposals required as we all seem to be operating on a very similar wavelength, so lots of the ideas we have merge into each other, and so far there haven't been any violent disagreements about any of the artists we are looking at. Some may need to be discounted because of finance, others because of location, but in general I think we have found some fantastic artists and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

In the meantime enjoy Mr_Hopkinson's computer singing his version of John Cage's 4'33"

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  1. Hello Camilla I wish you a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays with more than a few cats. xx Barbara


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