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What I want?

This might be the last post of the evening- possibly. Sorry for the sudden rash of posts, i'd got a lot stored up and when I realised that my deadline for my log book was tomorrow I thought I should probably post some more of them! This post shows some of my thinking towards what my MA project might be- from out of the chaos comes...something? At the moment i'm very conflicted and confused still about  where i'm heading with this. My  curatorial  roots are in DIY and underground art, but I think I secretly yearn, not for the white cube, but for the clean gallery space.
I'm not sure I want to squat an empty building, make a gallery in a basement, not make any money any more. I think perhaps what I want is to be able to make a living doing this, rather than using my money to support other people. That was what I did before, and it's one (amongst many) reasons I have big debts now- I thought it was important to give people a voice and somewhere to show their work, without thinking that maybe it was important for me to be able to survive too.
It's all about longevity, legacy, sustainability- what good is a project if we all burn out after 3 weeks/3months/ 3 years? Is there a problem with a project that only runs for a short time? Is there a way to keep my punk rock credentials and make money? Do I want to sell out? To be honest I was never that punk rock anyway...


  1. Oh, as I saw the first picture, I thought "It looks like inside my head" with too many ideas running like crazy chicken around and they make my totally confused. To run any kind of art business I think is very hard, because only 4% of the people are really interested in art. So it seems sometimes like sitting between a rock and a hard chair. Do you want to show/make good art or sell what people like?

  2. Hi- I think what I want to do in my dream world is show/make/sell good art that people like! I want to find a way to break down some of the barriers between people and art- to encourage the people who will happily spend £100 in ikea on a mass produced print to spend that money on an original artwork. I think so much is to do with fear of having to make choices without a big organisation telling you that 'this is good taste/art'. Thank you so much for your comments- really glad to have you here!

  3. Yes with ikea you really hit my nerv!!
    I really wish you all the best (and very good nervs!) to accomplish a change. Everyone counts.
    Sometimes I think it's pretty ridiculous what people think about art equal if it's fine art or others. If we remember what we know about our past, we know it through great writers, musicians, architects and fine artists.
    What will we leave to the future people a ikea and walmart catalogue?

  4. http://www.triangulationblog.com/2010/11/gabriel-dawe.html#more

    have you seen this stuff. i was going to send it anyway but just read your stuff on coloured lenses.

    also i think you are right to try and earn money from what you do. that is what i am trying to do.if i could earn money from doing my job i could do it properly and not have a shit time.
    the whole point of money is the administration of society. everyone does there share of the work. and every one gets there share of the resources that are created from that work. money is just there to help divide everything up. as the work you do helps other people your not just doing your own thing,yeah you should. selling out usually involves finding a way to turn what you do into something the largest
    number of people want and value or at least will pay for. maybe you could sell out without actually selling out. hang on, thats just selling isnt it? .becoming part of society is not a crime. you can always do things that are personal to you in the spare time that is created from earning money from what you do. rather than rotting in factories and warehouses and having no time for anything. blah blah blah rant rant rant .pages and pages of guff . and so on and so on.


Hi, i'm interested to hear what you think, thanks for your comments- i'll try and respond to them here in the blog.