I am surrounded with books at the moment, drowning in them actually. I have been trying to research a million different things all at the same time and my focus has drifted from one thing to another. However, there is a deadline looming and nothing focuses the mind like a deadline, so I shall be putting obsolete technology to one side, and my investigations into the internet, and instead I shall be focusing on the links I see between outsider artists working in textiles and contemporary artists using the same materials. I see the links in an almost intuitive way so it's hard to pull them apart and find out WHY I think that this is relevant and could make an interesting and exciting show. I don't have many days left to pin it down, but maybe i'll start here with sharing some images.

Angus McPhee
Blandine Clerc
Judith Scott
Hawkins Bolden



  1. Hi - what a find! I'm here via JaneH a new follower of my blog. I've just started a BA in Fine Art and am fascinated by collections and curating as you so clearly are. I'm going to come back and have a better browse sometime soon. Did you see the 'Fabric of Myth' exhibition at Compton Verney a couple of years ago?

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! I missed the exhibition at Compton Verney- I really wanted to go but it was a bit too far to get to. I'm currently trying to get my hands on the book that was published to coincide with it. Have you read 'Art and Artifact'? It's one of my favourite books- the full details are on my bibliography page.


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