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Ideas for YARN

I thought i'd scan in and share some of my pages from my 'ideas book'. These pages were from back when I first started thinking of ideas for my Hypothetical show project- I was looking at ideas around knitting and the sea, and wanted to create a show called YARN that would feature yarnbombing, collective knitting, super sized knitting and links to fishing and story telling. That's a very condensed way of explaining things. Anyway- it seems like I really struggle with getting words down on paper, something that has meant keeping a log for this MA is really hard for me, but I do manage to make little drawings and mind maps that make things clearer for me, if not anyone else. Each point on this is something that kicks off a memory in my brain, that while I might not be able to verbalise it all yet, is still something I could make happen. I know I need to get much better at verbalising my thoughts and ideas, it's something i've struggled with a lot over the last few years making my own work. So much of what I do in my own art practice is about process and just making in order to find out what it is i'm doing, it's really hard for me now to be in a position where I can't just bumble along, I have to come up with fixed ideas and back them up with critical and theoretical writing.

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